Paal Payasam

Paal Payasam ( rice and milk Kheer) is a traditional Kerala dessert.
It’s made of milk, rice and sugar. A very simple and delicious Kheer.

I learnt this recipe from a good friend long back( 1999) when I was in Muscat 🙂 Her name is Vijaya and she was from Andhra Pradesh. Though am not in touch with her, I do remember her fondly whenever I make this delicious Kheer.
On a lighter note, am presenting to you all a traditional Kerala dessert taught by a Telugu friend to a Tamilian 🙂


Rice- 1/2 cup( coarsely ground)
Milk – 1 lt
Sugar- 3/4th cup
Elaichi powder- 1/4 th tsp

Wash the rice and drain.
Take a big vessel. Add all the ingredients except elaichi powder.
Mix everything well.


Close the vessel with a lid.
Knead some dough( with wheat flour) and secure the lid to the vessel as shown in the picture. This is to ensure that the milk doesn’t boil over and spills outside.


Keep the vessel inside a pressure cooker. Cook on a medium flame till it gives 1 whistle. Reduce the flame to low and cook for another 40-45 mins.
Switch off the gas.

After steam subsides, open the cooker. Take out the vessel. Cut through the dough, remove and discard. Open the lid and mix the Kheer well. There should be no lumps at all.


Transfer to a serving dish, garnish with elaichi powder and serve. This can served warm or room temperature or chill 🙂



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