Moong and Millet Pizza

Necessity is the mother of invention or creating something new. Today that’s what happened to me. I had planned to make moong dal and millet savoury pancakes for my daughter for the evening snack. To make it more appealing for her, I had planned to to add carrot and cheese.
She usually eats savoury pancakes with tomato ketchup. But I didn’t have ketchup at home today. And tomatoes were also not there. Actually my fridge was almost empty.

I only had some chopped papaya. I got this sudden idea of making salsa with papaya. Not sure how it became ketchup finally. But I thoroughly enjoyed making this. All ideas came while I started making and somehow everything fell in place.

After making this ketchup I thought of making it as pizza instead of pancakes.

It was super fun making this and my daughter who almost hates papaya, ate this pizza very willingly:)

Happy daughter and happy mom:)


Yellow moong dal – 1/4th cup

Fox tail millet ( thinai) – 1/4th cup

Red chillies – 2-3

Asafoetida ( hing/ Perungayam) – 2 pinches

Salt to taste

Grated carrots – 1/2 cup

Amul cheese cube – 1, grated

Oregano – 1/4th tsp

For the papaya ketchup


Chopped ripe papaya – 1 cup

White vinegar – 2 tsps

Sugar – 2 tsps

Red chilli powder- 1/4th tsp

Aniseed( saunf/ sombu) – very little

Salt to taste

Water – 1/2 cup

Oil required to make the pizza


Wash the moong dal and millet well and soak together for 2 hrs.

Grind it along with red chillies, hing and salt to taste adding required water to a smooth batter.

To make the papaya ketchup

Blend all the the ingredients to a smooth puree. 

Simmer the puree on a medium flame for 10-12 mins. Cool and keep it aside.


To make the pizza

Heat a tawa. Brush it with oil.

Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it.

Allow it to cook for few seconds.

Spread some papaya ketchup on top.

Top the ketchup with generous amount of grated carrots and grated cheese and sprinkle some oregano.

Cover the tawa with a lid. Reduce the flame

and cook till the base becomes crisp and the cheese melts completely.

Cut and serve the pizza warm with papaya ketchup or tomato ketchup:)